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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Colorado State Capitol Preservation

If you are not afraid of heights and you have driven by the State Capitol Building, I am sure you have had the inkling to ascend to the top of the dome. Well Colorado Preservation Inc. made sure that could happen as part of this year’s conference, “Saving Places,” which brings in many devoted speakers and workshops to highlight why restoration is the golden key. The nonprofit provides assistance in historic preservation to Colorado communities.

The capitol building sets a great example of what more buildings should be like, could be and hopefully will be by obtaining sustainable certifications. Already considered a Leed Certified building, which is impressive considering these standards were set many years after the construction on the Capitol, this building uses natural light and many materials were sourced from Colorado, like the marble. The deep red coloration of the marble has never been found anywhere else in the world. Take a look at the marble and let your imagination escape to find some unusual designs…like George Washington. And the granite on the outside, also from Colorado!

It’s worth venturing inside to see the different murals, most of which paint a story and bring you a little closer to Colorado. There is also handcrafted stained class, and light fixtures that will make your eyes widen! You can also see the government at work! A trip by the House and Senate Chambers highlight where some of the makings of laws and actions start and also progress our history.

And of course you may wonder about what could be the most iconic part of the building, the Gold Dome, which equates to 200 ounces of Gold that were a gift from Colorado miners. It is the hopes of the Capitol administration that the dome will be restored. The fundraising effort hopes to raise the 8 million dollars to keep the Capitol going strong! There are 250 million people in Colorado, which means if everyone donated a little over $3.00 the capitol would be ready to be restored!


  1. What a beautiful building! I am absolutely in love with that spiral staircase!

  2. You should head on in for a tour! Too bad it's off limits for climbing, but seeing it is so spectacular!