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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rockies Opening Day

Rockies opening should probably just be declared a Colorado holiday. Black and purple flood the streets. Even the city of Denver is in on the action by painting a purple stripe eighteen inches wide down Blake Street. Everyone is beaming as much as the sun is shining. And many call in for a “sick” day, which the day is pretty sick, so a lie is not even told!
Even though the Rox lost by a single run in extra innings on the first day of April, fans still walked out counting down till 6:10 the following night for game two of the series against the Diamond Backs.
And the fans will do anything to show their love for the Rox. I came across two fans that looked like they took a beating. Turns out they did. This duo slept on the cold concrete overnight to try and get tickets to the rock pile. When they made it to the ticket window their hearts stopped. Sold out, but they were given two vouchers to use for another game. Still they sat outside the home plate entrance to hear the wave of fans cheering when the Rox had a victory of any size, home run, base hit, an out for the Diamond Backs. And good thing there is DVR because after the game they planned on watching it from the top.
Another guy sat outside because he said he could never afford to spend nearly 100 dollars to even sit in rock pile. But he could show his support in other ways by striding with the crowds and replying to the other side of the street “ROCKIES,” after they screamed “LETS GO.”
And Blake Street will still be a party through Rocktober. There are still 80 some games and you know what that means? A lot of people are saving up their sick days by staying healthy to cheer on those Rox. The spirit of the city!

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