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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Colorado Midland Railroad

My wheels were chugga chugga choo choo’ing as I rolled into the Colorado Midland Railroad. The model railroad that is housed in the basement of Union Station has a history dating back to 1933. The “original” Colorado Midland Railroad was found abandoned in 1920. Since the railroad has gained traction with modern additions and restoring the old.
The rails keep running solely on passion. Members meet regularly to work make improvements to the rails and even bring in some of their own toys to add on. The money to keep the tracks turning comes completely from donations, initiation fees and membership dues.
Inside you will hear trains steering and see over 4,000 feet of track surrounded by Colorado scenery. There are materials that date back to WWII and through today’s most up to date materials. There are details to be explored…see if you can spot the man scaling the mountain, an alligator or tow truck…watch out! Note the personality of the laid out towns that rails run through. Colorado is represented with authentic gravel and dirt from local rail yards.
It has been said that everyone has a story, but in the case of the Colorado Midland Railroad, it makes sure that you will leave with one to tell as well.

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