Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doors Open Denver II

As I trekked on it was further for Doors Open Denver it was proven that you can never be acquainted with Denver enough. A trip inside the Waste Water Management Building may turn some people the other direction. But beyond the eye-catching Gothic Architecture you can see where street maintenance vehicles are stored and take off on those frost bitten mornings to plow the roads. You can’t miss a huge bee-hive shaped dome where these trucks load up with magnesium chloride to take the slick off the streets. And ohh ya…it’s here that sewer lines are maintained.
At District Three Police Station you are normally only allowed to walk into the lobby. But the doors were opened to get a little more acquainted with inside scoop. See where roll call for police officers is taken, the workout facilities and a lay out of the building. Currently there is no police officer museum in Denver…but when the day comes…this station has plenty to offer from old hats, a list of the old lingo, and the stamps used on old police reports. And if you didn’t know…each citizen can take one ride along each year. You can pick up your form here, so get ready to even see behind the doors of a police shift.
The Anchor Center for Blind Children was incredibly enlightening. It seems normal enough as you walk through the halls, but there are many special elements. The floors are made of different materials so when children knock on them with their walking canes, they can instantly identify where they are.
A walk on the Braille trail leads to a gardening area and a greenhouse that are used as a form of therapy for visually impaired students.
A mother who is deeply anchored in the school served as a volunteer for the day. She was told her six year old daughter would never see again but with much hard work her daughter has now graduated from the Anchor Center and has seen her way to Public School. Her eyes light up as she talks about the improvements her daughter has made, and even plans to join the track club later this year.
The architecture embodied to make this school allows kids to develop other senses to a degree most can’t comprehend. What these children lack in vision they triple over with the strength of their minds.

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