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Monday, April 25, 2011

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

There is a special nook and cranny off Delgany Street in Denver. It's called the Museum of Contemporary Art. There has got to be something there that strikes a chord in your imagination. My chords struck with a piece called "Defiant Gardens." For me it defined emotion. The artist, Dario Robleto, combined many materials...including pulp made from soldiers' letters sent home and wife/sweetheart letters sent to soldiers from various wars. There is also homemade paper, dried flowers from various battlefields, fabric from mourning dresses and various seeds. They all encapsulates a poignant time in history.
Another piece from this artist is called "A Defeated Soldier Wishes to Walk His Daughter Down the Wedding Aisle." Appropriate especially with everything we face abroad. The artist brings pop culture and music into the piece by using melted vinyl records to form the boots. A cast of a hand-carved wooden and iron leg sits in the boot as a painful reminder that some soldiers come out of war with a new type of limb.
This is only a splash of what is inside the museum. It's a place that you can find inspiration, a challenge and some new knacks for your mind. There is a cafe, library and of course many other exhibits that could spark something for you to take as you exit a special place off Delagany.

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