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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friday Night Yoga Club

I have quickly learned yoga can be a party. Make that a spectacular party. There is a key though and I won’t keep a secret. Its called Friday Night Yoga Club. As one participant put it best, it’s something different to try on a Friday night outside of movies, dinner, or happy hours. And it’s still social.

There were seven Friday classes total, and none beat to the same drum. Offering different studios, types of yoga, instructors, and DJ’s. That’s right…DJ’s get you in that yoga groove. But there is a constant and that’s the familiar faces because it can become addicting. Each night sold out and usually topped off around 100 participants. This Friday night yoga club met at the Rhythm Sanctuary in Edgewater and was mat to mat. But what better way to make a new yogi buddy?

The night is three hours. My first thoughts where ‘whoa yoga overload’ and ‘when’s intermission?’ But the night is about more than the mat. Dancing, eating delicious food from the sponsors and hearing incredibly motivational messages are mixed in.

You see, the night is about experiencing life, but also appreciating the extent at what you can do it. Over 1,000 dollars was raised to benefit the Chanda Plan, and Chanda herself wheeled her way on stage to talk about the moment that forever altered her life.

She was only nine years old when she lost the ability to walk. A 14-year-old relative was babysitting her, when one of his friends picked up a gun and discharged into the back of her neck. In place of the many medications she was taking for the chronic pain she decided to try some alternative methods, one being yoga. Her foundation aims to improve the quality of life for anyone with a physical disability with alternate forms.

Creators of Friday Night Yoga Club, Denise Coo and Erik Vienneau understand yoga is about physical and mental well being, and sees the way it has benefited Chanda. Cook is no stranger to the importance of community that automatically comes with yoga practice. The message Chanda brought connected the room. Any of us could have been in an unexpected accident like her. The way she has gone forward to live her life allows all us yogi’s to revert back to square one and center ourselves on our mats. The world may be a changing but attitude is still everything, and so is what you make of your experiences. And not being afraid to try a new one, because life really is that precious.

And there is more to come from this group this summer with Yoga Rocks at the Park. Find more at

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