Monday, April 18, 2011

Verso Wine Cellars

Here’s a take on wine tasting that I have not tried before, vertical. I stood up straighter and questioned what the heck that meant as I looked at Paul Phillips, the owner of Verso Cellars. Well first off it means that I would only be tasting cabernet sauvignon. I hope I would still be standing vertically after four tastings. Was this meant to be a challenge?
Commonalities and differences occur in all the bottles.
Commons: They are all grown from grapes from East Orchard Mesa on the Western Slope. Also, all aged in French Oak Barrells. And all are really, really good.
Differences: The years the grapes were grown and of course the weather patterns of the season, which affects the flavors of the grape. And how much is left of each bottle…the 2003 is flying fast and only a select amount of bottles are left for sale.
I started with the 2006, to the 2005, then the 2004 and ended on the 2003. And I completed the challenge, still standing up right. And I tested my vertical jump out the door, it was four times higher than usual!
The challenge left at hand was finding a favorite of the four types offered! Challenge, never completed. Return trip, planned!

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