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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doors Open Denver

Denver swung it’s doors open for the 7th year in a row this past weekend. Doors Open Denver is a two-day event that features seventy sites that are open for tours…for free. Some places are always open to the public but bring out the guides so you get a fill on information. Other stops are especially special because you can’tnormally just walk in and walk out with the down low.
There are surely a few places on the list that would peak your curiosity, or maybe you just didn’t know it until you entered. The theme for 2011 was architecture of the 50’s and Beyond. But of course it always goes deeper than that.
Scanning the list of the sites brought in visions of some of Denver most photogenic areas: The Denver Performing Arts Complex, 16th street Mall and a variety of buildings at Denver & Regis University. As well as hotels, parks and museums (MOCA, Kirkland Museum, The Cell) also topped the list. And also some unfamiliar areas like Cableland and the Platte Valley Trolley.
Finding a starting point was a decision to be made! My day started at a red brick building that sits quietly on Sherman Street. Surrounded by trees blossoming with bright white flowers The American Red Cross Mile High Chapter has been responding to disasters since 1917. This chapter has been running like crazy with so many wildfires recently striking Colorado.
You can see where disaster supplies are stored, where courses are set up and take look into the Red Cross truck that is stocked with food and water to alleviate victims. Old time Red Cross posters are pinned to the walls inside the building, taking you back to the early days of the start of such an important organization that has spread internationally.

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