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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A trip down Broadway's Memory Lane

I can’t imagine my life without my Mother Dearest. Taking a trip to Ashland, Kansas for her class reunion this summer was extremely enlightening. I stood a dirt mound that was once a swimming pool, and learned this is where my Mom learned how to swim. To walk down the halls of where she went to school, to stop at the locker she shacked up at, and to see places she played and ate brought in a lot of perspective, and You hear ‘You got to see it to believe it, ‘ but I would say ‘You got see it to learn it.’

Well, you can also see to learn by taking a trip to an antique shop. South Broadway houses enough that you could have your whole day planned, shop to shop till you really might just drop! Or just wander through a few stores with someone who is precious to you, and also at least a couple decades older than you ☺ and surely something old will be found to teach you something new.

I watched as my Mom’s hands grabbed some metal plates that looked like a shoe could slide right in. Her eyes lit up as she looked at the familiar object. They almost looked like foot braces to me! Turns out I was quite off…these were some old time roller-skates! What a jam my Madre must have had on puppies similar to those.

Or what about the creativity kids concocted? There were decorations made with the tops of coke cans, something my Mom also participated in. We even found similar antiques to what my Mom carries on from her parents.

The technology is a changing and we have more turbo style skates now, but the stories remain, and they are definitely worth a look into. Whether an old time game like marbles, a dusty little book, or an old time kitchen utensil, I am sure you will walk out just a little bit closer with who you came in with.

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