Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kemah, TX

Kemah is a town so small that many locals trade in their cars for golf carts. No interstates or busy intersections to cross so why not downsize into something so luxurious? Located on Galveston Bay the waterfront attracts many tourists and of course is a big draw for the people living here. The name translates to "wind in my face." Usually that would drive me a lot crazy but in a town so charming they can get away with anything here. The population of Kemah is just over 3,000 and the city hall looks like a beach house. There may not be a place to layout on the sand but you are still on waterfront property. Water sports, boating local shops and the boardwalk keep these residents happy.

The boardwalk, owned by Landry's Restaurants, is composed of eateries and carnival type rides to thrill. Choose either an unlimited ride pass or pay for single pass. Either way, the boardwalk bullet is the ride I would say is a must. Middle school children were crowding the lines but we still nestled our way into the top cart. Good thing you are limited by height and not age!

Hands in the air and our stomachs dropped with the first 92 foot drop. The coaster flies up to 51 miles per hour, but it felt faster than the interstate.

The coaster sits on one acre which makes it the most compact wooden coaster in the world.

If you are looking to break the chain restaurants

there are plenty of local spots on the South End. I put Tequila Mia's to the test. The patio brings out the best seats in the house. Palm trees spring through the wooden floowing toframe the stage on the many nights theire is live music. The menu is simple, the portions are perfect and the atmophere will make you feel right at home.

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