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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Touring Stranahan's, Denver

My cup looked as it was filled with GOLD! I followed our tour guides tip, breathed in with my nose and mouth and took a taste. It was smooooth! Yeeehaw! I was soon the newest fan of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey.
If you live in Colorado, have visited Colorado, or ever plan on coming to Colorado… you should tune in. This 94 proof whiskey is the first micro distillery in ‘Rado, pretty rad. Right? And, one of the first in the country. Take a sip on that!
Hustle on over to the distillery off S. Kalamath in Denver, and you will soon see how the whiskey starts with barley from the Northern Rockies, and water from the Rocky Mountains and ends up as a premium whiskey. After being distilled and aged in 50-gallon tanks, the whiskey basically hibernates for two to five years in white oak barrels. It’s well rested and ready to party after it’s bottled up!
Twelve barrels are produced a week, and after about three weeks, ten to twelve barrels (5,000 bottles) make the cut and are bottled by hand. And check this out…you could be bottling the next batch. Twenty volunteers come in the morning, and twenty in the afternoon to bottle and label. If you want to be apart of the assembly line, visit this link
When you are looking at a slier topped bottle of Stranahan's take note of the batch number (up to 65 right now) and the unique comments on the label, always different in every batch.
Nothing mass about Stranahans, just about everything is done in house and local! Needless to say…they get the gold.

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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm those are nice looking whiskey barrels! :)