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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Alpine Coaster Park City

If you find yourself at one of the most majestic mountains in the world, wouldn’t you want to ride down it? And have speed on your side? Yes, sure you could ski, or board down, and when that sun comes out again, hike or bike down… but there is something for all seasons! And that my friends, is the Alpine Coaster at Park City Mountain Resort. And believe me, you won’t just be coasting; you will one step away from questioning if you are flying.

At speeds of 30 miles an hour you are twisting, turning and gripping on so tight your knuckles will be as white as the snow painted mountains that you catch a nano second glimpses of at every corner. And take advantage…this is Utah’s only Alpine Coaster.

The adrenaline rush is only 20 bucks, and is a great way to experience the mountain magic if skiing and boarding aren’t in your plans for the day. Just remember…no brakes till you see the yellow flags at the end!

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