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Thursday, May 12, 2011

CitySolve Urban Race

So there is a race that tests wits and sheer brilliance over strength and endurance.The CitySolve Urban Race moves across the country and the city of Denver was lucky enough to get a splash of the fun. You will find your mind racing more than your feet as you try to crack and solve riddles along the way with your partner. The smart ones and most competitive come with maps of the city and also public transportation. The only way you are permitted to get around is on foot and city skateboards, roller shoes or roller blades so don't even try!
Between cross-word puzzles, clues and even some math you are led across the city to ten check points. There are also two bonus checkpoints to help make up for a clue you just couldn't wrap your brains around.
Landing at places like the Tilted Kilt was you get to pose with a firefighter fit enough to land a spot in the stations calender. Fitting as the proceeds of the race go to Fired Up For Kids. This organization benefits the children's hospital burn unit.
We even played a game of Yahtzee at one checkpoint and ended up at places like Fado's, JR's, Gov's Park...places you would just want to be anyways. Don't be afraid to grab a stranger on the street to ask for help or even call the smartest of your friends.
After collecting pictures at the checkpoints it was time to head back to the finish line at Stoney's with the over 300 teams.
If 5,000 dollars raises your brows you can enter for the grand championship in Las Vegas. It's not until November fifth which means you have plenty of time to prepare.

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