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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Huntington Beach

When you hear Huntington Beach any local would think 'rad surfing.' It's one place to go if you want to see some serious athletes take on the waves...and not just beginners struggling to find their balance. One reason the waves are so prime is because they come from distant hurricanes...something good comes from those winds.
Huntington Beach is the largest beach city in Orange County. If you run the length of the beach you would hit 8.5 miles, and then of course you have to return to where you started so you are topping 17 miles and by then you might as well just run a marathon. I mean if you were going to do it anywhere this is the spot.
Huntington Beach wasn't always the tourist destination boasting shops, restaurants and a pier that it is today. It once was used to her cattle. And later was used for agricultural purposes...mainly growing celery and sugar beets. The beets may be long gone but this is still a sweet place to stop by...even if you just zone out on the beach

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