Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Los Angeles Luncheon

We were singing Shalala lala in the morning and still Shalala lala into the sunshine and into the evening. The city of the angels was in sight. L.A., Los Angeles--the center of pretty much everything. Fashion, entertainment, technology, education...and always great people watching. You will tally the landmarks that pile the streets... the Kodak Theater, Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Boulevard, Dodger Stadium. I am sure you could add in a long list of more.
What draws so many people to this city? It seems that it is here that anything goes. One out of every six residents works in the creative industry. Boredom is impossible. Especially when are 54 film festivals a year here. That's more than one a week.
How can this city even keep up with itself?
You will be dodging traffic and at all hours of the day, night and sometimes even middle of the night. But it's all you can do to sit back and take it in. Who knows you might even find the handprints or the name of your favorite star somewhere on the sidewalk. But try to keep your head up from searching the sidewalk or they may just pass you right on by.

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