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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Create Denver

If you are familiar with Denver you know it’s easy to start rattling off a laundry list of reasons it’s one of the greatest cities. Another reason it’s at the top is because many people make the effort to support local artists and businesses. They run the gamete here and “Create Denver” is ready to capitalize on that. The event ran May 12th through the 15th. The goal is to support creative industries in Colorado from film, music, art galleries, graphic artists, fashion and any other artists!
Through the week the artists could come show off what they got from concerts, fashion shows or production. Today was the “Your Sunday Best.” Different artwork, clothing and jewelry were ready to be explored at the Grant Humphrey Mansion. Here any idea is worth a shot…or a full drink if it’s anything from Hula Moon. This company was started by two ladies who wanted to start concocting some more eccentric drinks…and they bring out something called the blueberry lavender lemon cooler—fresh lemon juice, lavender water, a splash of suga and fresh blueberry puree.
Denver is a place that encourages these enthusiastic artists to break the mold. Splashing flair on jewelry, pressing leather bracelets, or curving the paintbrush in a way that matches their mood further etches that art is to be appreciated. In Denver there are more than 120 art galleries, six art districts, 160 performance venues and over 180 film related businesses. There is no doubt we have the goods, now it’s just keeping alive what is already thriving. These creative enterprises help the economy grow and bring unique experiences to anyone whose willing to try. So how about that blueberry lemon lavender cooler? It’s even cooler than cool.

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