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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lucky Mile Racing Series

Lucky meets lucky. One lucky has to do with running and the other pizza. The Lucky Mile Race Series in Louisville, Colorado an event you don't run across every day. It consists of four one mile timed runs held every Thursday night through the month of May. So yes the first two have passed but you can still get lucky on May 19th and May26th. Dig up your costume and come out in your Thursday best superhero costume or 80's outfit for the the following week. Awards are given at the end of the series. If you are over 21 you get a free prize even if you doddle the whole time..a free beer!
So where does the pizza come in? To some of your dismay it's not provided as fuel at the half mile marker. And the goal is not to see who can chow down the most slices without letting a side ache take them down. The race starts at the Lucky Pie in Louisville. This neighborhood restaurant joint has pizza so good it's getting runners to shave an average of ten seconds off their times because the thought of pizza is that good.
The race was started by Human Movement, an event management company who also runs Oktoberfest, the Colorado Relay and of course the Taste of Louisville Half Marathon coming up on June 4th. The race directors put this in mind wanting something The race proceeds Louisville Elementary School but in more ways than monetarily. It gives kids the chance to come out every Thursday night and try to beat their personal best or race classmates. It's also a big draw for the community and really seems to bring what is already a tight knit community even tighter. But I will vouch..they are a friendly bunch...and you don't have to be a resident to get in on the mile, or the discount offered at Lucky Pie after. A

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