Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crater, Utah

We have all heard it, “Get your Vitamins and Minerals!” Ok, ok, well it sure would be a lot easier if we could get those minerals simply by soaking in the mineral filled waters at the Crater Hot springs in Midway, Utah. A soak in the crystal clear waters sure sounds more enticing than a veggie platter and glass of O.J.

After driving by the crater I found myself frantically searching for my Epi Pen, the crater looks that much like the biggest and baddest beehive you have ever seen. How could you not buzz in for a quick look? I dipped my hand in the smooth waters and had to hold off from grabbing as much air as I could muster and cannon balling right in. You can only handle the heat of a hot tub for so long, but these warm waters are between 90 and 96 degrees and will keep you captivated!

Miners took advantage of the waters in the 1800’s. After a long day in the cold, or working hard in the mines they could soothe their aching muscles. Picturing miners in the crater seems historic enough, but the history of the crater started to develop 10,000 years ago. Melted snow from the Wasatch Mountain slid into the earth, and two miles below the earth the water was heated and sent back towards the blue skies. As it heated it was packed with minerals, which formed the limestone dome to reach 55 feet!

But the depth of the water is deeper than the dome is tall. A trip to the bottom will have you 65 feet underground; of course this requires the scuba gear. This is the only warm water place to receive your scuba certification in the U.S. so you most likely see some Scuba Steve’s on your trip, or perhaps you will be one of them, goggles and all.

The dome brought the community of miners together, where they could relax, soak and dream of finding riches, if they hadn’t already. Maybe some already had and cannon balled right in to celebrate!

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