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Monday, May 9, 2011


Meet Traces. A show that rivals Cirque du Soleil. If you get your kicks through acrobatics and circus style performances...take a seat. A small cast of six men and one lady will leave you astonished and questioning if they are all really human. They thrust their entire bodies thorough small hoops and land like it ain't no thang. Or maybe you will be more awed when they leap up sky high poles with such spark and energy you will have to re situate yourself...especially after they streamline down the pole with flying speeds..gripping only their feet to stop just a quarter of an inch before they would hit the floor. Or how about stepping inside a hula hoop as tall as the performers and spinning in every direction at speeds that would make any normal person dizzy.

Pieces of their lives are incorporated as a microphone falls from the ceiling telling you things that are funny and honest. You start to get the feeling this group is tight knit..even when off the stage. And lucky for our group they stayed on stage at the Space Theater after the shows end for a question and answer. It was up close and personal to see the athletic performers and actors in their true element and answering questions exactly as they would to friends. My final question for them, "Are you accepting interns?" This type of performance can be contagious and I caught the bug.

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