Monday, March 14, 2011

Lindzee O'Micheals, Park City Utah

Chalk one up for Lindzee O’Micheals! That would be some very fluorescent chalk to go along with the vibrant atmosphere this local bar splashes. You have it all here: Mixologists will concoct something that you will love and didn’t even know was possible; something that you were craving and just didn’t even know it! Just give these creative masterminds a quick insight into some flavors you prefer!

Or try a beer from around the world! These bartenders are not in a rush to punch in your order and collect your tip. They will talk with you about a beer that will surely suit your mood and buds. And you will leave the lines of the typical Budweiser, Coors, Miller… but if that’s a stressful thought for you, these of course are offered.

Live music Fridays, a DJ Wed. Th. And Sat. Yes, the music is a jam and the energy this bar produces is enough to shoot you up the town lift, which is directly behind the bar. So if you need a quick me up, or perhaps a relax you down, after a long day on the slopes, you can ski right to the porch of Lindzee O’Michaels. And make sure you grab that piece of chalk, and leave your name in a place that will surely be a legacy!

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