Thursday, March 17, 2011

Red Square

How many pecks of pickled peppers did Peter Piper pick? Well, I don’t know. But…How many dribbles of pickled flavored vodka did Peter let trickle down his throat? I would venture to say…a lot.
Wait? What? Pickled flavored vodka? That might even be a little crazier than whip cream, chocolate, and split pea flavored vodka popping up in the stores. (Ok, I made the last one up, if it makes a soup, it doesn’t belong in vodka.)
But, I am here to tell you, pickled flavored vodka is a true story if you are at Red Square in Downtown Denver. Located in Writers Square it’s worth a trip inside the contemporary and classy establishment.
The vodka flavors are bold, extreme, some scream “no,” and others are shouting “gimme!” Bring a little bit of your wild side if you are ordering infused vodkas. Flavors include: Apricot, Beet, Grapefruit, Honey, Dill, Fig, Pineapple, Mint, Lemon, Red Pepper…and if you do Red Pepper, you might as well do Black Pepper. And now aren’t you left thinking decisions, decisions? You can buy a shot for $4.50 and a carafe for $30.00 on the infused vodkas.
And if you are not into the infused…there are vodkas from everywhere that’s anywhere. Russia, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Mexico, and might be here for a while…
If you haven’t shut Red Square down yet, there are also wine and beers to choose from, also from around the world. They’ve got you covered for Guinness, Smith wicks, Stella, beers from Germany, Czech…and a beer called Coors Light?
So get ready to rally and head on over to Red Square…it even beats foursquare…yes it’s that fun.

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