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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Aluminum Show, Denver

Even theater has gone green…and it's not Shrek rushing to make the curtain call. The Aluminum Show had a two-day run at the Buell Theater at the end of February and rang in more than comedy. It also brings perspective. The set is comprised of recovered aluminum from industrial factories that are repurposed to build the set and costumes.
The creative designs and innovations bring out a story line allowing you to realize the simplicities and complexities of a natural resource. It can be comical, adventurous and dramatic all in the same show. Actors and dancers also unwind to bring out the creative power that makes this show one in aluminum!
And the audience interaction doesn’t just include the first few rows. When one aluminum pillow was thrown into the crowd the same kid-like faces surfaced when beach balls hit the bleachers in high school. The excitement threw the theater doors open as everyone wanted their turn. Well most got many turns… a second pillow was thrown in the mix, and then upwards of twenty pillows were getting a lift. People jittered on the tips of their toes waiting for a new pillow to come their way.
Now as I sip out of my aluminum water bottle I think a little differently about how far creativity really can stretch. And who knows…maybe I’ll come up with some of my own designs with the empty aluminum cans I usually huddle up and haul on to the recycling center for spare change! I’ll keep you posted...

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