Tuesday, March 29, 2011

History of Ladies Hats Exhibit, Aurora

Bonnets. Pill Boxes. Beret. Cartwheel. Turban. And oh ya. ..snooke. All types of hats. And there are derby hats, picture hats, straw hats and sombreros. The history of women’s hats is a long one, and one deserving enough to have an exhibit to trace the trends and history of hats at the Aurora History Museum.
How about decorating those hats? Ribbons, yarn, birds (real and artificial) flowers, sequins, jewels, fur. Anything to match your personality and taste. Hats could be flamboyant, or simple, either way they noted your class status.
How about how they were made? Bamboo, straw, yarn, cotton. To be a milliner required resourcefulness, creativity, imagination and pride. Milliners often completed a two-year apprenticeship and then opened their own shops.
There is a hat for every occasion, to keep warm, to celebrate a fancy event, or even flow with a hairstyle. Talented milliners surely would have no problem designing a hat to dress up Marge Simpson’s cool blue doo. And how about adding ruffles on the back of a bonnet to shade ladies necks. SPF through the roof!
There is a hat for every era, and the trends will continue to set the times. Hats off to an exhibit that brings light to history, and lucky for us that sport hats, there is more to come in this era of fashion!


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  2. Thanks for the post! They are absolutely incredible hats. It amazes me how many ways there are to decorate hats. I keep a new blog at www.catchcarri.com now--also lots of fun giveaways :)