Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No No's Cafe Denver

When you leave No No’s Café you will only be left saying “Yes, Yes! Please send me back for more of that Cajun Cooking!” Cajun restaurants are hard to come by in Denver, but who says we need more when we already have one that’s so good.

So NoNo’s? I have driven by and wondered, “What are you saying No to?” Well, this quaint cafe is not saying No to anything good! Husband and wife owners, Brian and Sonda, are selective for quality, and lets be honest, they just want to let the good times roll! Repeat after me, “Laisez les bons temps rouler!”

Moving to Denver from New Orleans in ’93 just felt right, and good thing they didn’t leave their recipe books down South. Three years later, they opened up NoNo’s and brought in that good southern style cooking.

NoNo’s is named after Sonda’s father. In Italian, NoNo means “Grandpa,” and was the nickname of her grandfather. Seems perfect, because Grandpas make you feel right at home, and so will you at this restaurant.

New Orleans style music pays lightly in the background, somehow simultaneously increasing your mood and relaxing you. I sat back in the old time booth, chowed on some gumbo and tapped my foot right along to the beats. My eyes scanned the walls and shelves that are filled with memorabilia like an old typewriter, farm tools, black and white photos, and see if you can spot the pleasure chest!

The menu features authentic seasonings and recipes that will add character your palette! So authentic that you will look out the window and expect to see Bourbon Street or the House of the Rising Sons. Good luck choosing between a variety of po’boy’s, crawfish, catfish…and word on the Louisiana streets is there will soon be a crawfish boil. Tables covered in white paper, buckets filled with crawfish and your empty stomach has all the makings!

Fidning this restaurant is a treasure in itself, but make sure you hit up the treasure chest on the way out and you may find another!
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