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Friday, March 11, 2011

Rooster and Moon Coffee Pub

From the cock-a-doodle-do till the sun goes down, Rooster Moon Coffee Pub has a seat open for you. Cozy up on the couch, on a patterned seat cushion, the patio or around the barista bar where you are front row to see lattes topped off or a canned beer cracked open.
This place sets itself apart by bringing you more than your standard coffee shop by being a pub simultaneously. But owner Nick Bode says, “We’re not a coffee shop. We’re not a bar. We are a gathering spot.” And that’s just what you will find, and of course that coffee and wine are so much better under the same roof!
It takes the right people to pull this off. The shop/pub is owned and run by two husband and wife teams, all with a background in the restaurant and bar industry. They all used to work together at Joe’s Espresso in Boulder. When the shop was sold they put their ideas together and came up with something that many would say is off the charts.
If your stomach is rumbling here is a peek into the menu. There are more common items like breakfast burritos, pastries, soups, sandwiches, salads, flat breads and then… there is the PBGB breakfast sandwich! And no, it won’t give you the heebie-jeebies. Check this out, it’s peanut butter, granola and bananas served on ciabatta. BING!
WAIT! Are you still there? ok, phew! I thought you were already out the door to Rooster Moon. Ahh What the heck, don’t let me hold you back…oh and ONE more thing! Order the sinful Joe…espresso, vanilla syrup, and cinnamon to caramelize the top and then it’s topped off with a little steamed milk. Ok…ya looks like your gone… REMEMBER 9th and Bannock!

*uncommon knowlege: The building that houses the shop is not just any building; it’s the old VFW building #1. And there may or may not be rumors this place may be haunted!

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