Friday, March 25, 2011

Bull Riding

Yeehaw and Giddy up! When you walk into a bar and see a mechanical bull you may start to size it up! Mechanical bulls were invented as a means for professional bull riders to train, however after being owned by a machine, I can’t imagine a real animal.

The operator helped me saddle up, and assured me that not if I fell, but when I fell, I would land on air, so just to go with it. I visualized a graceful landing as I got bucked through the air, however, it did not go down quite that way, but still well worth the ride. Ride on!

Once I was down for the count, I could feel my heart racing, caught my breath and made it my goal to get everyone to saddle up. I would however, suggest that it’s not a bad idea to give a wink wink to the operator so he will stop the bull instead of you getting bucked off it. Whatever it takes to saddle up!

The only thing amusement parts are missing nowadays is to bring back the mechanical bulls! Can you imagine if you won a teddy bear bull for riding for more than a minute, or if that machine spit out tickets to head to the prize shop?! I would be in line again right now, ready to be owned once again.

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