Friday, March 18, 2011

Saint Patricks Day, Denver!

Denver’s turn out for Saint Patty’s is always top notch. The parade had streets filled, kids scrambling for candy, or reaching for the floats on top of their parent’s shoulders. And parents get just as into the party… sporting all things green…goofy glasses and hats, nail polish, or how about the guy that had shamrock contacts.
We may not get the workday off, presents, or expect to have our families together, but people jump up and down for Saint Patty’s. And not just because it’s the one-day that you may get to pinch your boss but it’s an excuse to have some fun. It can be picking out your outfit, meeting some friends for a mug of green beer, eating Irish food or jamming to some Irish bands. And most of spirit of the city brings out a community, and people can yahoos in the streets all they want…and people on the other side will yahoo right back.
But you ask someone why Saint Patrick’s Day is important to the Irish, and why we celebrate so hard? Hopefully they get as far as knowing Patrick is a Saint! And he is the most important patron saint of Ireland. Ring Ring, we have the basics covered.
He was bourn in Britain in the fourth century. At the age of 16 he was kidnapped and taken as a slave to Ireland. During that time legend says he was told by God to escape slavery and go to the coast. When he did, he returned to Britain to join the Church and studied to be a priest. After de died he was held in high regard by the Irish Church and even dedicated three days in March for celebrations.
And would you look at that, they are still going STRONG! In 1991 Congress ruled March to be Irish Heritage month. And here we are now in the
Denver goes big, although we don’t die the Platte River Green the way Chicago dies their river green, but we know how to do it here in Denver! With any luck of the Irish we will see you out there next year…I’ll be the one with the shamrock contacts this time.

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