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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boulder Springs Half Marathon

If something as delicious as Rudi’s organic bakery is sponsoring a run, that only makes one pick up that pace to get to the finish line! The Boulder Spring offers three distances at the Boulder Reservoir, a half marathon, 10 mile and 10 kilometer. And you bet you people are ready to get their running wheels racing because this is the first major distance held in Colorado for the year.

And a big draw for runners is the post race party! The Boulder Beer Garden is of course there to quench your thirst, along with many sponsors bringing out the energy drinks, energy bars and Rudi’s goodies! And for those who are especially environmentally conscious there is every type of recycling and composting, so party the day away. Energetic environment, organized race and FlatIrons in the background…just another iron the the fire of why this race will surely keep the number of runners turning.

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