Friday, March 25, 2011

Interstate Denver

With so many fabulous restaurants streamlining the Denver scene, it’s necessary to stand out. And even harder to without being “cliché.” I could open a 50’s diner, put in a checkered floor, bar stools and a soda fountain. But come on, there has already been too many done too well. So it is possible to reinvent the diner experience, like the owners of “Interstate.” Bringing you a whole new experience.

A roadside diner, from the 1950’s that has been restored and you feel good being there. PBR’s served in tall boy cans, snack foods like deviled eggs and mac ‘n cheese…or maybe you are needing a little more, so you order the Pulled Pork Sandwich with onion rings. And you wont spend over 10 bucks.
And their mantra is all about comfort, for the food, the amount of $ you cash in, and the atmosphere.
Sitting at the table, I doodled on the paper table cloth with the colorful bunch of crowns, and believed I found my spot.
So I would suggest getting of the Interstate, to one that will churn your wheels as you see the creativity inside.
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