Sunday, March 27, 2011

Paper Fashion Show, Denver

Next time you crumple up a piece of paper to shoot into the trash can let your imagination fly as high as the paper airplanes most of us made in grade school. The uses of paper can stretch as far as making a complete outfit AND accessories. Paper art can be worn.
The 7th annual paper fashion made sure the three levels of the old city hall building were jam-packed to see the works of designers across the board. 60 models punched out personality dressed entirely in paper as they took on the runway. Every trick in the book was illustrated, each design as unique as the next. Heck, after the show, I am sure it is possible for these pros to make their own book on paper clothing.
Xpedx donated the paper. And don’t just think of your typical printer paper here. The palette ranged from poster boards, stationery, newspaper, rice paper, metallic, glitter, wrapping paper…and on and on!
And the stunning art comes with a cause. Proceeds benefited the Downtown Aurora Visual Arts Program. This organization brings on the after school art programs for at risk youth teens. Because if art is something you appreciate you know it can help the community connect, and bring self-esteem up for those who need it.

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