Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flight Wine Cafe, Morrison CO

I have taken many flights around the world, but never one that landed a surprise as pleasant or smooth as the Flights Wine Café in Morrison, Colorado. No turbulence in the air here, I felt like I was traveling first class.
Choosing from over 80 wines is not as easy as choosing from the basic sodas and juices on a Frontier flight. But the staff here will graciously find your taste and recommend something that will have your taste buds soaring.
And if wine is not on your palette, you can expand your wings and choose one of the many beers featured from around the world. Without checking your bags you can get a little taste of the hops from Spain, Canada, Mexico, Belgium and the United Kingdom in your frost brewed pint glass.
You won’t be left with a small bag of planter’s peanuts or pretzels on this excursion, but the café has something even better in store. Fresh flatbreads, Paninis, crostinis, and different cheeses and breads are all part of the “Light Eats” menu.
Early check in is not necessary, and keep your seat belt unfastened. You can sit on the patio, by a fireplace or seat yourself in the garden! Or choose seating in the warm atmosphere inside of the 1870’s cottage.
You won’t be letdown---the café is owned by a husband and wife team. Marcia is an interior decorator and Donn is a photographer. With each of their unique tastes they will make sure your travel voucher is stamped with: first class!

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