Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Creekside Cellars, Evergreen CO

There are plenty of ways to escape, and all in Evergreen. But there is only one place where you can order a bottle of wine that was made on site, and enjoy it in a quaint cafe or sit on the back pr och that backs up to a creek. The sound of calm running water and wine glasses cheersing together make a perfect harmony.

Making wine was started for the fun of it for owners Bill and Anita. Then they must have liked what they were 2000 the Creekside Winery was underway. Two years later, the family planted their own vineyard in Palisade, Colorado, where majority of the grapes in their wine come from.

Fill up your glass with a variety of whites, reds and dessert wines, and be ready for your indecievness to come out. Do you stick with a basic Cabernet, Merlot, or Chardonnay? Or do you venture into a tempranillos, cab francs, or syrahs? Maybe let an "r" roll of your tongue... a rose, rosso, and even a robusto! And we haven't even covered the desert wines the late harvest Riesling port.

And the descriptions of the flavors all pulling you one direction...and that's in! Bursting with fruit flavors, or maybe they have an oak taste, there is something that you will have you to the bottom of your glass.

You can try 5 wines for 5 dollars. Sit down and enjoy a glass, from 5- 11 dollars a glass, or buy a bottle from 18-50 dollars. And the menu is something worth saving some room for...fresh soups, salads and paninis.

I'll meet you Creekside!

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