Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Parry's Pizza

I felt like I was back in New York...just like that. This time I wasn't un-crumpling my city map and clinging onto every stranger asking for directions. The sounds of the subway weren't dominating the background and I was not bumping shoulders with people on the cramped sidewalks. As crazy mad as the Big Apple can be you start to miss the hectic style that comes with it...and the NYP without the D, which is New York Pizza. Wide, thin, and foldable.
It is something to miss, which is exactly what two brothers David and Jason Parry realized after moving to Colorado. So good for us, they opened up Parry's Pizza. Order hand tossed pizzas and choose from a list of ingredients, or try a suggested recipe. There are also salads, calzones, pastas and sandwiches.
New York Style Pizza is a type you can really eat on the go…but if you are at Parry’s you may find you’ll stay awhile… and may even have trouble deciding where to sit, so many options! All the tables have a unique knack. Under the glass surface different memorabilia is placed. Do you sit at the monopoly table, the or the one decorated with playbills, or the table displaying sports memorabilia? And there will be more than one table that will strike your fancy…So looks like you will have to order in again, at Parry’s Pizza! And oh ya…the walls are pretty flashy…decked out with Syracuse and New York Yankee memorabilia. A true New York Experience.
*Idea- the Englewood location is right across from the Wildlife Experience…pizza and a movie can be so much more unique with a new joint, and a fantastic film!

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