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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Chocolate Therapist

I discovered a much cheaper kind of therapy today. And the best part about it is the affordability, and I don’t even need an appointment! Julie Pech is a Chocolate Therapist, which makes her my new best friend. She has a shop right in downtown Littleton and I think you are crazy if you don’t go try this place out!
Julie’s start came with the book she wrote, “The Chocolate Therapist,” which simply talks about something beautiful, the health benefits of chocolate. After talking to Julie today, I walked out of the store with plenty of chocolate and no guilt accompanying it.
Turns out, if chocolate is 70 percent cocoa it is not the enemy, not even close. It is rich in antioxidants, has endorphins to increase your mood and even has magnesium which will help balance your hormones. Bring that chocolate to the table, now we are talkin’!
The chocolate you will find in her shop couldn’t be fresher. Imagine tasting chocolate that was made just seconds before it hits your palette. You want some, don’t you? I thought back to the Hershey bars I see in the store and I didn’t have cravings like I usually do. Instead, I thought about how it has been sitting on the shelf for months, maybe even a year. And the list of ingredients doesn’t even make sense. Soy Lecithin, PGPR (I have no idea what this is short for) and Vanillin…which might be close to vanilla?
I am going to start getting my chocolate where I know exactly what the ingredients are. And the recipes are fun, and make great gifts. With catchy names like berried in chocolate and blue suede shews (cashews are so sweetly mixed in) what else could you ask for?
Ok, I can think of one more thing I would ask for, and that’s the chocolate making machines in the back of the store! It’s like having an air freshener on at all times, and that aroma really puts a smile on my face ear to ear. It’s all done in house, even the packaging.
So looks like chocolate is the new breakfast of champions!

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