Thursday, March 18, 2010

Denver Art Museum

The dramatic structure of the Denver Art Museum locks in plenty of eyes, but even more are broadened by the EMRACE! exhibit inside. The slanting walls and angled edges transformed into a vivacious and colorful experience. Seventeen artists came into the Hamilton Building to pick a space to convert into their own creative playground. The result…Brilliant colors of bungee cords called me over. Ohh how I wanted to run through the neon colored cords that were taller than I was. But it always seems to be a rule that when you are at a museum, hands off! So, maybe if I cuffed them behind my back and ran threw…would that count? The adult behavior set in and I was ready to check out the next artist, when the sweetest voice said “Go for it!” And it was a security guard speaking so I was in! Finally, an exhibit was made for museum goers to explore! I pushed my way through a piece of art and did not have to be just an observer.Gnarley, Good Morning, Fantastic…are all words refugees from around the world have said about setting up shop in Denver. The words, carved in wood and foam, vary in languages from English to Arabic and are on display to compose one artist’s idea. Or, how about the artist that saw tops of liquor bottles and new that by pressing them flat and together with copper wire something magnificent could be made?Creativity, imagination and spunk are three components I was encouraged to never loose sight of.

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