Wednesday, March 10, 2010

PHO in Denver

Trying foods across the map has been my new kick lately. I never thought about Vietnamese food but how could Pho (pronounced FA) be left out. Waahh, pho? Lets back up.
Pho is the most common type of Vietnamese food, and is much simpler than Korean food. But who would dare pick a favorite; both are all over the delicious spectrum. The sweet and simple description of Pho is a beef noodle soup. But don’t be fooled, you can order it with chicken instead!
And it gets better, especially if you love bean sprouts as much as this kid. You can imagine my excitement when just seconds after we placed our order, a tray filled with decadent bean sprouts, basil, lime and peppers were sat on the table, along with broth, filled with either chicken or beef.
It was time to get our mix on. Pho is totally customized by the person eating it, you can add as little or as much as you want. Bean sprouts here I come, easy on the jalapeƱos.
There are of course other menu options to try, but Pho is what most people step in for. Spring rolls and rice dishes are also available and an excuse for me to make my way back! Vietnamese dishes are usually served with lots of greens, herbs, vegetables and dipping sauces. Also, we can’t forget the lime to squeeze in there for… zing!
Very fresh and natural ingredients made for a refreshing meal, and me wanting more Pho, fa sho!

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