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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Arches National Park

    As my lucky penny would have it, the luck of Moab could never run out! One word…ARCHES! Wait, I take that back…two thousand words are needed because that’s the number of arches found in this adventurer’s wonderland. And it’s not just arches…it’s sand dunes, massive balancing rock structures, wildlife, plant life and other rock formations that make you want to get up and dance.
    This park stole my breath with every turn, so to put it simply, I was barley breathing the entire day, and that’s a great thing! And heck, I am still having a hard time catching it as I think back on the dramatic views, both up close and across the high dessert.
    I wanted to run wild and it just so happens, my luck hadn’t run out. A three mile roundtrip trail takes you to Delicate Arch. In honor, I started out delicately…tip toeing up…but I knew what was ahead. Feet in gear and I was off.
Stacks of rocks guide you on the correct path. About a half mile from the arch the trail becomes primitive, meaning a tad treacherous. The running resumed to a delicate walk across the rocks, that way if I fell I could sprain my ankle, gracefully. I held what little breath I had left as I nervously walked along the ledge that with one corner turns you onto an unexpected surprise!
    An unreal moment that left me searching for my balance, yes, I was that taken back by the 52 foot high arch. The sky never looked so blue in contrast to the deep colors of the arch behind it. I accepted right then, my breath would never be caught. It was time to pass the luck on. On the way out of the park I placed the penny under the makeshift arch in the visitor center. It may get swept up, but my hope is that someone else may see the luck of Moab that surrounds such a playful place

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