Monday, March 22, 2010

Canyonlands Half Marathon

Moab is the outdoor playground that makes adventure seekers restless at night, thinking of all the fun to be had! Committing to the Canyon Lands half marathon ensured that I would soon be swinging across the sacred land. Running down Highway 128 enclosed by the depth of canyons and running with the Colorado River, was nothing short of majestic, and I am not saying that just because I found a rusty lucky penny before the run. And you betcha that I carried that penny with me all 13.1 miles, and I think it worked!
The race could not have been smoother. 5,000 of us ready to run filled up the big yellow school busses and were taken to the start into the canyons. I tried any sort of movement to keep warm, and gripped my lucky penny tighter knowing that the sun would rise over the steep canyons soon. By the start the sun was starting to blast a big “GOOD MORNING!” 11 miles down the canyon, with a few rolling hills and we were already heading towards the Main Street of Moab.
The crowds were forming single lines on both sides of the course screaming encouraging words. I was starting to feel the burn and hearing “TWO MORE MILES, SURGE, SPRINT, GO!” increased the burn …but a young kid shot the back of my burning calf with a squirt gun and cooled me right down. Whew, was I lucky! I started to surge…too soon, yes, but the young kiddo’s high fiving keeps ya going! Even though, I am pretty sure they were trying to trick me, knowing my penny was in hand, but I wasn’t quite ready to give it up.
You could say I had formed a tight bond with that 1974 copper portrait of Abe Lincoln; he will join me at the 2011 Canyon Lands Half Marathon, will you?

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