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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boulder International Film Festival

47 films from 18 countries in four days. WHEW! And I thought the 24 Hour “Cosby Show” Marathons had it going on. And I got my kicks by being a correspondent for "In the Loop," Two days of interviewing filmakers, producers and speakers for the Symposium.
My favorite part about festivals like this is that everyone has a shot. You don’t have to have the clout or connections or an Oscar behind you. You need an idea and passion to make it happen. And the audience needs have an open mind. And they could be sparked with new ideas about culture, community, humor and controversy.
Over 13,000 filmmakers made their way to the city surrounded by the Flat Irons. This festival spanned more than films, they also had a forum on creativity and new media. The panel covered all of the new technological advances that have been made over the years. And to be honest, as much as Avatar rocked my sox, it scares me think to think about all the technology advances being made.
I am traditional and believe so much in a good story over fancy effects.
But the symposium brought me back down. The panelists ranged from a Disney producer, an animator, and a game developer for I-phone apps and they all assured me in their conversation that no matter the media or how far technology is advanced the story will always be the core.
I took a breath, a deep breath and my shoulders sat back in place. As a reporter and producer story telling is at my core as well I hope that audiences never escape seeing the meaning behind the technology. We as story tellers will just have to keep up, telling stories that are authentic.

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