Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thanksgiving Chills

The Thanksgiving excitement was running wild in me the Monday before. Still a week out, but that’s when my little bro came home for the holidays! Even running an errand with him to a car shop to fix up his car (four wheeling incident) meant more to me than finding a BCBG dress 70 % off at Nordstrom Rack. We jammed to new music, caught up on his school and even caught up on my latest working gig to gig.
I know this sounds crazy, but I had a blast cleaning the house, I mean we are talking deep cleaning. Cleaning is not one of my strong points. I even tried a spray that supposedly took dust away…just a quick splish splash and the dust would be gone! Except it wasn’t. So that day while we manually wiped the dust down, scrub a dub dubbed the floors, and vacuumed away, we turned on the old record player to some Marshall Tucker Band. The walls were rocking and the cleaning was progressing.
And Thanksgiving Day! To see my aunt, uncle, and two cousins. We laughed about the old times, but better yet, made new memories to laugh about. Like my sister mistaking a sign that said, “Shingles vaccine,” for “Singles vaccine.” And if that’s not a big enough mix up, asking the clerk, why you need to be vaccinated if you’re single. Hurry up quick, everyone grab a boyfriend, girlfriend stat!
It’s amazing to see my cousin, Dalton, reach his reach dream of becoming a police officer. And to see my cousin, Travis roll with life with an insane spirit, following his music passion. My cousin, Briana, was available only via phone, but spreading the good word being a teacher and coach in Texas.
Everyone is coming into their own. And what better way to see it than eating homemade cherry tarts from an experienced “Uncle Chef.” Even the whip cream, made from scratch. A great Turkey Day, scratch that, one of the best.

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