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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First-Take-Features Films Elite DJ's!

First-Take-Features filmed a promotional video for Elite DJ’s! A three-camera shoot allowed us to get this spectacular crowd on tape and keep the energy and memories of this night preserved forever. How could you not capture the four-year-old boy who thrives in the center of the dance circle? He undoubtedly was born with a beat! Or the groomsmen jumping up and getting down to any song the D.J. of the night, Matt Kenfield threw on. It was a vibrant crowd, and I never wanted to hit pause.

Elite DJ’s doesn’t want to be the spotlight of the night, but they will provide you with entertainment and constant beats to get the dance floor jamming. It is rare to see the entire crowd on the dance floor, but that was no rare for this reception! We are talking even the Gramps and Grams out there, throwing out there way to dance to the hip-hop. And the line to the open bar was empty at times, because the entertainment was that great.

Receptions are meant to be a celebration and good cheer. Elite DJ’s and Matt Kenfield definitely made this happen. If the party is lacking, he will pull out of the D.J. booth to teach the Cupid Shuffle or any other dances or songs the crowd would go for, to keep the beets bumpin! So Jump up and get down!

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