Friday, December 17, 2010

Morrison Natural History Museum

A Tyrannosaurus Rex sized step back to one million years ago, and it’s only a Velociraptor-sized step away, just north of the town of Morrison, Colorado. This town, 20 miles west of Denver, was once covered with dinosaurs during the Jurassic Era but is populated now with 450 residents.
In 1877, Arthur Lakes discovered first set of fossils in Colorado. The prints were from an Apatosaurus weighing thirty tons and were the size of three school busses. Not only can the actual fossilized footprints be touched on nearby Dinosaur Ridge, but the museum, Morrison Natural History Museum, allows visitors to learn about other dinosaurs prints discovered later and the geologic area surrounding them.
The Morrison Natural History Museum opened in 1995 and is operated by the town of Morrison. On display, visitors will find surprising information on these fossils.
This is the only museum in the world where you will find footprints of a baby stegosaurus, which were also found on Dinosaur Ridge. Find out how Arthur Lakes and others along the way discovered these fascinating links to a geologic past.
The museum is filled with lively displays, plenty to read, and also leaves options for the hands on. Touch live reptiles, prep fossils with an air scribe, or dig for fossils in the sand pit.
Opening at 10 a.m., 45 minute guided tours are available to everyone starting at 10:15, and the last tour leaves at 4:30. Ticket prices for adults and teens (13-17) are $5.00, seniors and children 12 and under pay $4.00 and all children three and under are free. If you have a party of ten or more be sure to make a reservation.
The Jurassic Rocks, traded out for Red Rocks and The Rocky Mountains in the background prove that the Morrison Natural History Museum is a great place for anyone to discover, explore and later share their findings over lunch on the super quaint Main Street of Morrison, Colorado.

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