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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bass Pro Shop

When it comes to my adventure list, camping and fishing are towards the end…and hunting didn’t quite make the cut. So when I headed into the Bass Bro Shop just to check it out, I revamped my adventure list. Fishing and Camping, number one and two, and hunting number three! Who woulda thought?! But if that means I could have these hobbies and shop at this store, I would do it.
I felt like I was on vacation. The scenery does enough. Waterfall spouting after you enter, an aquarium, high wooded ceiling that gives off a relaxing cabin feel. Cozy combined with entertaining. There is a rock climbing wall, a shotgun museum and a game where you can practice your target shooting. Shopping would never be the same!
I thought I would pop in, walk for a few minutes, and pop out. And that is exactly what happened, except the few minutes turned to a wee bit more! And I didn’t even have any specifics on my list, like a new Shimano Calcutta TE 700 Round Baitcast Fishing Reel. But this store really reels you in for the good stuff. Everything you need, and things you didn’t even think you needed!

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