Monday, December 6, 2010

Four Season Denver

If it were up to me, I would wine and dine at the Four Season’s every season. You see, the wind was in full force, brushing my hair was a waste, because by the time I reached the inside it was in a tizzy! I was on Edge, walking into the Four Seasons restaurant, “Edge.” And even before I sat down I was off edge and on cloud nine. The friendly host had a warm smile, started a friendly conversation and walked me to the group of girls I was meeting. Thank you sir

Wilhelmina Denver hooked it up. The focus on fresh, local and seasonal foods brought out a fancy shrimp cocktail, a fresh bottle of merlot opened so elegantly, and a Maine Lobster. The plates are decorated so fancily, and yet are so simple. I soon learned that to work here you must be an artist along with a chef! Very considerate artists, you see I didn’t even have to crack open the lobster, it was laid on top of the shell for me. How convenient.

After all of us girls took a bite of the chocolate mousse. While I was melting I was trying search for the willpower. Despite a huge effort I just couldn’t find it! Ok, another bite, and another… I thought I was done until the waiter came back around and offered us all chocolate cow suckers! MOO, I mean BOO! More chocolate! How can you say no to such a cute little cow on a stick?

It didn’t matter that from looking out the large glass windows I could tell I was going to face the wind again, hair in a tizzy, winter coming. I just had one of the most enjoyable nights, and it didn’t require anything crazy as usual! Sometimes it’s nice to slow it down, just a little.

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