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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Deep Sea Diver B-day!

Who said a birthday party has to stick to cake, ice cream, some pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs? Need a way to spice up your birthday party, or party in general? Here’s an idea. Costume theme. Take a theme like “Deep Sea Diver’s.” You can have fun and it’s not even Halloween. I busted out the duck whistle, and sailor outfit. Other sightings of the night, goggles of all shapes and sizes, and a scuba diver that brought on the oxygen all night.
Costumes unleash the fun, and give an excuse to restock the Halloween candy! Trick-or Treat! The main treat of this night, was the PaRtY Bus! And we headed downtown on a Tuesday night, all Deep Sea Diver’d out! It was a ghost town, most people were at home gearing up for the Wednesday Work Day.
I would suggest swimming down the streets of Denver any night you need a little extra pizzazz to steer away from the so overdone pizza party.

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