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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Red Ball Fashion Show

Fierce fashion forward thinking. The models, designers and stylists owned the catwalk at the 2nd annual Red Ball Fashion Show. And I got to see the day start to finish to produce a video trailer for the website. Makeup and hair of the day started at 10 a.m. Over 90 models, each in a specially crafted fashion.

The event left no doubt in my mind that anyone will ever have to worry about fashion and design reaching a plateau. This show let anything go.

Things were done with hair that I never thought would be possible. It is possible for someone with hair reaching passed their shoulders to be formed into a Mohawk. Hot pink, royal blue, feathers pinned, jewelry infused, all explain the hairstyles of the night.

Make up of all styles. Glamorous to classic, all the way to neon shaded eyes, cheeks and lips. And designs for all occasions. Something that speaks to the Victorian Era, a daring night look, and even clothes to kick around in on the casual days. Every area covered.

Models with no experience, or even years of experience. And they all rocked it. Told to walk like two glasses of champagne were balanced on their shoulders, one foot in front of the other and to lead with their hips. All this in your mind and they still looked graceful. Round of applause.

I motion to take the glasses of champagne off their shoulders and cheers to cultivating the creativity in all aspects of fashion.

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