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Sunday, September 26, 2010


“Juicy fruit or double mint?”
“Creamy or Crisp?”
“Floral or Spices?”
Answer these question and voila! In Tea, a local tea shop, in Littleton, will find the right tea for you. Brilliant. I think so. When you are looking at what seems to be a tea library, over 100 tea varieties, guidance is needed! After answering a short set of questions, a fellow tea mate will give you a few options that will most likely fit your palette. The hard part then becomes deciding. I had to choose between a sugar cookie tea, wild cherry or summer romance. They all smelled like they couldn’t wait to be drunk, but I chose the wild cherry, and made a note in my planner to come back frequently.
I do like tea. So many options and flavors to choose from. And I can actually tell a difference in the taste of tea. Unlike coffee, where someone could swap out my French Roast for an Italian Roast and I would sip on just fine! When it comes to tea, I could name Green, White, Black, Earl Gray and Oolong Teas. And I thought that was good, but turns out there is a whole other tea-riffic world to be discovered. For preview, think of Winter Mint, Pomengranite, Sea Shell Green, Butterfly Flower. Just makes you want to fly over there and see what else is brewing, huh?
And it doesn’t stop with just unique teas… I saw the menu for the Tea Cocktails. Ohya! Another day tough…it’s only ten a.m.

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