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Monday, September 13, 2010

Tour De Fat

Tour De Fat was the tour of fun and good cheer. Around 6,000 costumed crazed people came to Denver's City Park to raise awareness of bikes and bringing back the spirit of riding on two wheels. But two wheels was not the case for everyone. There are a lot of crazy concoctions when it comes to assembling a bicycle There is not ABC method for the types of bikes you will see, more the Xtreme. Bikes stacked up on each other, single tire rides, even a bike that was more of a recliner really.
Every one's spirits are escalated. I never thought I would ride down the streets of Denver with boxer shorts I picked up on a whim in Ireland that flash "Pog Mo Thon" If you need a translation, this is something you might say to your boss if they told you you had to work on the day of Tour De Fat... "Kiss My ___"
The costumes really are anything goes. Some costumes don't even make sense, they are the farthest thing from making sense, and that's just fine with everyone. It also doesn't make sense to pedal in hot pink heels, but you can get away with it one day out the year.
New Belgium is one of those exceptional companies. Not in the ride to make a profit. There is a suggested five dollar donation to ride, and you can also buy a beer or a few for five bucks. All these proceeds go to bike and environmental charities. And the tour sets up in 13 cities, all the way from Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Tempe, Austin...and more and more.
So why not warm up and break in your Halloween costume a month early and get out and spread the good cheer?

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