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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tap Dogs

What all is possible with tap dance? You could tap with basketballs, on ladders, you can even tap while blazing the stage with sparks from machinery, or you could even tap upside down, while being supported with ropes.
Tap Dogs are the Top Dogs. Every successful show has their niche. The niche of this show is the combination of a story, personalities and the six tappers kicking out the sounds.
The story starts out simple, just showing the feet of the dancers, and the set gradually becomes more complex, along with the dancing. Taking place on a construction sight, with the dancers dressed in simple work clothes, there is nothing proper about this show. Tap Dogs thrives on creativity, noise and boldness. The performers tap from one scene, into the next, and make most of the set changes, while tapping. Seamless, it all fits together.
The personalities will stick with you, and make you laugh. When entering, you may wonder why the ushers had out rain coats to some people. I was one row away from getting to wear a bright yellow water guard. The front three rows are in the “Splash Zone. “ At first I thought this meant you might get some sweat sprayed on you because these tappers are working those shoes and rhythms to the max. But there is a point that a bucket of water is spilled on the stage and all the tap shoes dive right in. But the audience members don’t just get a tad sprayed with sprinkles of light water. NO. Cast members will slide across the water, and mop the heavy drops right into the laps of the audience, making sure there is a purpose for the coat.
Someone along the way had a dream that you could make a career out of tap dancing, and it can be done, and leave such an impact along the way. I grew up tap dancing, and learned a few moves. That would be the ball step, the shuffle, and I tried to travel, but didn’t get very far. These bold performers showed me they master combinations that move so fast, I couldn’t even remember the first step or the first sound by the end of the routine. This group just tapped their way right into my heart.

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