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Monday, September 13, 2010

Biking in Bocas

Time to gear up and get on with more Bocas good times. I found a place to rent a bike, a bike that is true to Bocas fashion. A little rusty around the gears and the chain fell off at one point, but the friendly Bocas people will stop to help. And besides, the seat could have fallen off with me on it and I still couldn’t have had a bad day. I was in Bocas Del Toro, a colorful island, full of character, and waiting for people to discover.
I took off with no particular destination in mind. Just to ride until my bike had to be back in three hours. I followed the signs to Bluff Beach, hoping no one would call mine and say jokes on you! After biking though sand, across smaller beaches and past wild dogs, I made it. And got to watch some surfers!
Another time I hope to ride to Boca Del Drago. I hear there is a great coral reef here and calm waters for the most part. Plus, getting there you take a cultural road. About 300 Ngobe Indians live in houses along the road from Bocas Del Toro and the beach. Schools and classrooms can be seen.

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